This is the sound of your true reflection.

Deep voices in you are
crying to deep callings.
And they are your callings.
They are not above you.
They're beneath you.
Buried, maybe broken,
but never beyond rebirth.
I, I see them. I need them.
I see you. I need you.

Soon, you'll flip this image.
Soon, you'll roll the tide.
For the sky is where
your hands grasp
and your feet dig in.

The unsteady ocean,
it is your mind.

But the bedrock remains,
awaiting the day a diver
discovers its depths, its
constant space.

I'm plunging toward those depths.
Yes, I've been diving the whole time.
You cannot resist your entire life.

It's where the dust settles that I intend to land.
Let me in. Lead me there. And let me stand.
Let the dust kick up, to unveil the ancient fortune of a timeless age.
This bedrock is further down... I know that the you within you is the treasure trove.

Let up, and let go, and slip off that cliff that you're still up there standing on.

It's not quite a jump that gives ways to your flight. But I meant that when you slip away, you'll surely find the slide. A tailspin gives way to your flight.

It's when the bumps on your skin begin to rise.
And the thumps of a trumpet within signals mine with, "It's time! It's time."

That's the beacon being lit.
That's my long-awaited sign. That it's time, it's my time for an even deeper dive.

When you're ready... if it's now....
Listen to the sound of your reflection...
Not with ears, or mind, or things you think you'll find.

This bedrock is far deeper... it takes time... but it is now...
These hands are reaching out...
Your treasure is being plundered...
Yes, this is... you are...
I am... the sound of your reflection.

If you don't feel it, then you may never know.
Either way, this is happening.

Listen. Open.
To what is calling to you now.

These deep callings – your deep callings –
reflect the sound of your true reflection.

Your reflection is calling to you now.

This sound is inviting you in.
Into an open heart chat.

*An immersive 30-minute listening experience.